American Heritage Committee – strives to preserve our rich American heritage in the fields of art, crafts, drama, literature, and music.

American History Committee – promotes American history throughout the year by honoring significant historical people, places, dates, and events.

American Indians Committee – works diligently to raise funds for American Indian scholarships, provide strong support to our Indian schools – Bacone and Chemawa, promote the Indian Youth of America Summer Camp program through donations, and recognize the spirit of the American Indians through chapter programs.

Americanism Committee – encourages DAR members to become involved in their local Naturalization process and assists new immigrants with citizenship.

Children of the American Revolution (C.A.R.) – trains good citizens, develops leaders, and promotes love of the United States of America among young people.

Community Service Awards Committee – is an avenue through which members of our community may be considered for recognition by the DAR at the chapter and state levels.

Conservation Committee – emphasizes that we are guardians of the world around us. We must keep the importance of sound conservation practices in mind as we conduct our everyday lives. We must all reduce how we impact our natural resources by using products that are reusable and by ensuring those that are not reusable are recyclable.

Constitution Week Committee – commemorates Constitution Week, September 17–23. Fly your U.S. Flag all week, obtains proclamations from area mayors, and ring bells on September 17.

DAR Genealogy Preservation Committee – indexes DAR genealogical records and membership information into computerized, searchable databases.

DAR Good Citizens Committee – encourages and rewards the qualities of good citizenship in senior high school class students.

DAR Museum Committee – supports the National Society’s goals of preservation, education, and patriotism by collecting, preserving, exhibiting, and interpreting the material culture and social history of pre-industrial America.  The DAR Museum in Washington, D.C., is open to the public and is comprised of two galleries and 32 period rooms in which over 33,000 items are displayed.

DAR Project Patriot Committee – supports America’s service personnel in current conflicts abroad.

DAR School Committee – encompasses a variety of special needs programs including attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, adult literacy, and children in family crisis.

DAR Service for Veterans Committee – members volunteer their time with projects such as Salute to Hospitalized Veterans, Women Veterans, Homeless Veterans and Operation Stand Down, the Fisher House, Golden Age Games, and Military Hospitals and Extended Services, to name a few.

Junior Membership Committee – a Junior member is a DAR member age 18 through 35 years of age (until her 36th birthday). She holds full membership in the National society, State Society, and chapter, and when qualified, may serve as an officer and chairman at all levels.

Lineage Research, Membership, and Volunteer Genealogists Committees – work in cooperation at chapter, state, and national levels in assisting new applicants, seeking sources of documentation, and teaching through workshops the current standards of application preparation.

Literacy Promotion Committee – members volunteer their time reading, teach English as a second language, educate the public about literacy levels, encourage parents to instill in their children a love of reading, donate books, help students prepare for their GED, mentor “at-risk” students, read to the blind, record books on tape, distribute brochures on literacy, partner with literacy organizations, and raise funds for literacy.

The Flag of the United States of America Committee – keeps the flag flying, protect it continuously under all conditions, and educate citizens regarding its correct usage.

Volunteer Information Specialists Committee (VIS) – serves DAR with the latest technology to save time, money, and energy, while performing the work of the Society.

Women’s Issues Committee – focuses on issues of health, career, and family, this committee provides an avenue for today’s woman who is seeking information or who wants to provide information to other members.

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