Our Patriots

Listed on this page are the patriot ancestors of the current members of Doctor Susan Anderson Chapter, NSDAR. Revolutionary War patriots include signers of the Declaration of Independence, members of local and state militias, members of the Continental Army or Continental Navy, men and women who rendered other types of aid to the cause of independence, and those taking oaths of loyalty. Other included patriots are foreign soldiers who served the cause of American independence and Spanish soldiers serving in the presidios at Santa Fe, El Paso, and New Orleans. With a few exceptions, military service began with the Battle of Lexington (April 19, 1775) and ended when the British evacuated New York (November 26, 1783). Patriots may have also provided civil service, conducting public business in the newly formed American states. Click on any name below to learn more about that patriot’s service during the Revolution.

If you are a woman 18 or older and believe one of your ancestors may have aided the cause of freedom during the American Revolution, we may be able to help you establish your genealogical line for DAR membership. If you are interested in documenting your lineage and joining our chapter, or have any questions, please send us a message using our Contact Us page.

Benjamin Abbott, Jr New Hampshire Sergeant
John Abernathy, Jr Virginia Patriotic Service
John Abernathy, Sr Virginia Patriotic Service
Robert Aiken Pennsylvania Private
Christian Andereck Virginia Patriotic Service
Andrew Appell Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
Job Arnold Rhode Island Private
Elkanah Babbitt Massachusetts Private
Stephen Bartlett New Hampshire Lieutenant
Jacob Beall Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
Jacob Beeler North Carolina Private & Patriotic Service
Thomas Belt Maryland Private
John Blakeney Sr South Carolina Captain
Conrad Bobb Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
Thomas Bouldin Jr Virginia Ensign
Thomas Bouldin Sr Virginia Patriotic Service
Reuben Bowen Virginia Private
Carpenter Bradford Massachusetts Civil Service
Jabez Briggs Massachusetts Private
Mathieu Brignac Louisiana Patriotic Service
John Brocklebank Jr Massachusetts Private
Francois Brou Louisiana Patriotic Service
Michael Broughton Connecticut Private
James Bulkley Jr Virginia Sergeant
James Bulkley Sr Virginia Patriotic Service
Samuel Bunch Virginia Patriotic Service
Jacob Bushong Virginia Private
Benjamin Butterfield Veermont Patriotic Service
Peter Cain North Carolina Patriotic Service
Enos Campbell New Jersey Private
Nathan Carothers Pennsylvania Private
John Carter Connecticut Captain
Curtis Cates Virginia Patriotic Service
John Cates Virginia Patriotic Service
John Catland Massachusetts Sergeant
William Challis New Hampshire Patriotic Service
Japheth Chapin Massachusetts Private & Civil Service & Patriotic Service
Paul Chapin Massachusetts Private
Jacob Chestnut North Carolina Patriotic Service
Stephen Clark New Hampshire Captain & Patriotic Service
John Colwell North Carolina Private
Ephraim Conant Massachusetts Private
Peter Conant, Sr Massachusetts Soldier
Thomas Conway Pennsylvania Private
William Cook Maryland Private
Elisha Corbin Massachusetts Patriotic Service
William Cornett Virginia Private
Mary Batte Cox Virginia Patriotic Service
Silas Crane New Jersey Private
John George Crisler Virginia Patriotic Service
Bartholomew Crowder Jr Virginia Patriotic Service
Bartholomew Crowder Sr Virginia Patriotic Service
William Dalrymple Massachusetts Sergent
Francis Davenport South Carolina Civil Service & Patriotic Service
David Davidson Virginia Private
Jonathan Dickerman Sr Connecticut Civil Service & Patriotic Service
Lucius Doolittle Massachusetts Civil Service & Patriotic Service
John Eddy Rhode Island Captain
Susannah Wathen Edelen Maryland Patriotic Service
Andrew Emerick Pennsylvania Private & Patriotic Service
Abraham Enlow Pennsylvania Soldier & Civil Service & Patriotic Service
William Erskine Virginia Corporal
Matthias Fisher Pennsylvania Private & Patriotic Service
Peter Fleck Pennsylvania Private
Jesse Foote Connecticut Soldier
Frederick Freeman Connecticut Private
Wendle Freshour Virginia Patriotic Service
Nathaniel Friend Virginia Patriotic Service
Sarah Bass Friend Virginia Patriotic Service
Benjamin Gardner Jr New York Sergeant
John Gaston Sr South Carolina Civil Service
William Gaston South Carolina Captain
Samuel Gavin North Carolina Soldier
Philip Gentzler North Carolina Civil Service
Joseph Gist Maryland Major
Felix Glatfelder North Carolina Patriotic Service
David Goodwin South Carolina Private
Richard Gregory Virginia Patriotic Service
Roger Gregory Virginia Patriotic Service
Christian Groff Virginia Private
Christian Haldeman Pennsylvania Private
Uriah Hanks Connecticut Patriotic Service
Samuel Hartwell Massachusetts Private
Edward Hatcher Virginia Patriotic Service
Elisha Hawley Connecticut Patriotic Service
Johan Adam Hedrick North Carolina Lieutenant & Patriotic Service
Peter Hedrick Sr Pennsylvania Lieutenant Colonel & Patriotic Service
Adam Heiskell Virginia Captain & Patriotic Service
Christopher Heiskell Virginia Patriotic Service
Bellias Hill Massachusetts Private
Nathaniel Holder Massachusetts Private
Henry Hollingsworth North Carolina Private
Zebulon Hollingsworth North Carolina Private
Oliver Hopkins Rhode Island Private
William Hopkins New York Private
Abraham Horton North Carolina Private
Mathieu Hotard Louisiana Patriotic Service
John Huber Pennsylvania Captain
John Hughes Virginia Captain
Samuel Hull Sr Connecticut Sergeant
Crippen Hurd Jr Connecticut Private
John Hurst Virginia Soldier & Patriotic Service
Arthur Irwin North Carolina Soldier & Patriotic Service
Moses Johnson Virginia Private
Charles Johnston New Hampshire Lieutenant Colonel & Civil Service & Patriotic Service
Joseph Kennedy South Carolina Private & Patriotic Service
Samuel Kidder Massachusetts Private & Civil Service
Joseph Kimball Rhode Island Captain
John Knight South Carolina Private
George Kress Pennsylvania Corporal
John Kunkle Pennsylvania Ensign
Consider Law New York Private
John Leavitt, Jr Connecticut Private
James Leith Virginia Patriotic Service
Valentine Leonard, Jr North Carolina Civil Service & Patriotic Service
Valentine Leonard, Sr North Carolina Civil Service & Patriotic Service
Alexander Lermond, Sr Massachusetts Civil Service
William Lermond Massachusetts Civil Service & Patriotic Service
William Lewis Virginia Patriotic Service
George Little South Carolina Captain & Patriotic Service
William Little North Carolina Captain & Patriotic Service
Isaac Lucas Massachusetts Private
Aaron Lyon Sr Massachusetts Civil Service
Henry Malick New Jersey Private & Patriotic Service
Edmund Matthews North Carolina Civil Service & Patriotic Service
Charles Maxey Virginia Patriotic Service
William McElwee Sr South Carolina Civil Service
Moses Mckenzie Maryland Noncommissioned Officer
Edward McMaster New Jersey & Pennsylvania Private & Patriotic Service
Jonathan Meeker New York Private & Patriotic Service
Peter Melott Maryland Lieutenant
Jesse Merrill New Hampshire Private
John Metcalf Sr Virginia Civil Service
Daniel Miesse Pennsylvania Private
John Miles Virginia Private
Peter Miller New Jersey & New York Private
William Milliken Sr North Carolina Civil Service
Edward Moseley Virginia Captain & Patriotic Service
John Mummert Pennsylvania Private
Burkhardt Musser Pennsylvania Private & Patriotic Service
Jonathan Newman South Carolina Soldier
Jonathan Norton New Hampshire Patriotic Service
Nathan Norton New Hampshire Patriotic Service
Mark Nowell Massachusetts Seaman & Patriotic Service
Richard Oldham North Carolina Private
Eleazer Orvis, Sr Connecticut Patriotic Service
Josiah Padget South Carolina Private
Benjamin Parker Massachusetts Private
Stephen Penn Maryland Private
Drura Pilkington Virginia Private
James Pillow Virginia Private
John Raines Virginia Captain & Patriotic Service
Joseph Ratcliff Maryland Patriotic Service
Joseph Reed Jr New Hampshire Civil Service
Frederick Reinhard Pennsylvania Private
Charles Richards Pennsylvania Private
William Rives South Carolina Patriotic Service
William Rives Virginia Patriotic Service
Archibald Robinson Massachusetts 2nd Lieutenant
Thomas Rogers North Carolina Patriotic Service
John Rorebaugh Virginia Patriotic Service
Philip Roush Virginia Private
Joseph Scott North Carolina Patriotic Service
William Scott New Hampshire & Massachusetts Major
Nathaniel Seymour Connecticut Private
Frederick Shaffer Virginia Private
Daniel Shelton Virginia Major & Patriotic Service
John Shelton Virginia Patriotic Service
Michael Shirley Virginia Private
Silas Shurtleff Massachusetts Soldier
Augustin Simms Virginia Private
Richard Simms Virginia Private
Jacob Sink North Carolina Patriotic Service
Johannes Sink North Carolina Patriotic Service
Frederick Slemp Virginia Private
John Smith North Carolina Private & Patriotic Service
Allen Spear New Hampshire Soldier
John Spell North Carolina Civil Service
Philip Spohn Pennsylvania Lieutenant
William Sprague Massachusetts Civil Service
Philip Sowers North Carolina Patriotic Service
Christian Stevens Pennsylvania Private
Samuel Stevens Pennsylvania Private & Patriotic Service
Thomas Stinchcomb Maryland Captain
Hopestill Sumner Massachusetts Civil Service
Jeremiah Taylor New York Private
John Thompson New York Captain
Solomon Tice New York Soldier
Benjamin Tomlinson Virginia Captain & Patriotic Service
Harris Tomlinson Virginia Lieutenant
Samuel Trogdon North Carolina Patriotic Service
William Trogdon North Carolina Patriotic Service
Benjamin True Sr New Hampshire Private & Patriotic Service
Reuben Tucker Virginia Private
Edward Turner Massachusetts Lieutenant
Samuel Tuttle Sr Massachusetts Lieutenant
Harmon Van Buren New York Major
Matthias Wade New Jersey Private
Andrew Wagner Virginia Major
Daniel Wagner North Carolina Patriotic Service
Jacob Wagner Sr North Carolina Patriotic Service
George Waldhauer Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
John Waldrop South Carolina Private & Civil Service
David Walters Pennsylvania Private
William Walthall Virginia Patriotic Service
John Ward Pennsylvania Private
Jacob Weatherholt Virginia Private
Andrew Webster Massachusetts Private
Conrad Weiser Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
John Welch South Carolina Soldier
Adam Wetzel Virginia Captain & Patriotic Service
Michael Whitley Pennsylvania Captain
Seth Wilder Massachusetts Private
Nathaniel Wilkinson Virginia Patriotic Service
William Williams Virginia Patriotic Service
Lewis Wills Virginia Private
Daniel Wilson Virginia Patriotic Service
Thomas Branch Wilson Virginia Lieutenant Colonel
Samuel Wood Massachusetts Private
William Woodbury New Hampshire Private
John Wright Jr North Carolina Civil Service & Patriotic Service
John Wright Sr Virginia Patriotic Service
Robert Wright Virginia Patriotic Service
Thomas Wright North Carolina Private
Andrew Yates Virginia Patriotic Service

Updated August 2022